Vital for "Global Forum on Human Resources for Health"

World of Commitment

This week in Recife, we’re telling the world: Let’s find a way to make sure that all people have access to health workers.

Why Countries in the Global South Must Learn from One Another

More than ever before in history, our world’s population is young, urban, and on the move. And our health needs are changing.

Information Is Never More Powerful than When It’s Shared

Data and open-source software are helping to clear the path to universal health coverage.

Years of Investments Finally Put Health Workers on the Global Stage

The payoffs aren't immediate, but building strong, resilient health systems is the key to making care sustainable for all.

On the Rocky Road to Universal Health Coverage

This November, the global health community’s eyes should be on two major gatherings in Brazil and Ethiopia.

Human Resources for Health in the 21st Century

Let's make HRH part of the upcoming discussions on global governance for health.

Local Solutions, Global Solidarity, and Accountability

While the Second Global Forum on Human Resources for Health was full of opportunities, it was also quite deficient in addressing the one global issue that continues to hinder progress.

Exploring the Siriraj Hospital at the Second Global Forum on HRH

Despite the 6:30 a.m. reporting time, the field trip to Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok—part of the Second Global Forum on Human Resources for Health—turned out to be one of the best events of the week.