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IntraHealth International World Health Assembly 2020 Statement on COVID-19

IntraHealth's statement on COVID-19 and recommendations for WHO member states.

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Digital Learning Overview

Learn more about IntraHealth International's digital learning approaches and experience.

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Senegal Country Brief

An overview of IntraHealth's work in Senegal.

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IntraHealth International 2019 Annual Report

The future of global health starts here. In 2019, IntraHealth International reached 364,184 health workers. They provide health care to millions of people around the world. ...

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Gender Equality Overview

This document provides an overview of IntraHealth's gender strategy and gender-related tools and resources.

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Capabilities Statement: COVID-19 Response

IntraHealth International is offering technical assistance that helps countries ready their health systems to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. We act across local, national, and global levels to...

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Global Health Security Overview

IntraHealth International helps build resilient health systems that can prevent, detect, and respond to pandemic threats and natural disasters. And we do it by focusing on health workers. Here are...

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Capabilities Statement: Global Health Security

IntraHealth International offers technical assistance that helps countries build resilient, prepared health systems; prevent, detect, and respond to pandemic influenza and other threats.

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